Star Wars Resistance episode 13: Kaz gets caught up in Dangerous Business


The 13th episode of CGI animated series Star Wars Resistance focuses on character growth and fun and pushes the plot forward a little.

Kazuda Xiono (AKA Kaz, played by Christopher Sean) — an undercover Resistance spy — finds himself in charge of the parts store run by the quirky Flix (Jim Rash) and Orka (Bobby Moynihan), assisted by BB-8 and Bitey the finger-munching gorg.

This episode is a visual treat that sees BB-8 jump into action and Kaz bringing down a massive freighter as it leaves the Colossus refueling platform, but it would’ve been better if it developed the main plot more — especially considering how little last week’s episode did in that regard.


Kaz is improving as a mechanic

Team Fireball is surprised when it arrives to find Kaz has already installed a new engine on the ship. Tam Ryvora (Suzie McGrath) points out that he’s done it incorrectly, but clearly has a little more respect for her teammate after this.

Conveniently, these skills also save Kaz twice in this episode.


And as a spy

When the ridiculously suspicious Teroj Kee (John Ennis) demands that Kaz deliver parts to a loading dock, he knows it’s a fishy situation.

But it’s a chance to investigate a potential First Order connection that he can’t miss — even if it does almost get him dropped into the ocean after Teroj traps him in a shipping container (the first time his mechanic skills save him).


He’s earning trust around the Colossus

It’s a little surprising that Flix and Orka — who got a few showcases in the shorts that ran during the midseason break — leave Kaz in charge of their parts store. And that they’re willing to do so again after Teroj trashes the place to steal the valuable, rare phase connector.

However, this trust also earns Kaz valuable intel on the First Order.


We’ve got another First Order link

Teroj’s mission is sabotaged when Kaz sends his freighter crashing into the ocean (the second time his mechanical skills save him), along with the phase connector. We find out that he was working for the First Order’s Commander Pyre (Liam McIntyre) — this suggests that the military regime has multiple agents on the Colossus.

The First Order planned to use the phase connector as part of an aggressive mining campaign — presumably to complete Starkiller Base (which we’ve glimpsed previously in this show). This is another hint that we’re getting closer to The Force Awakens, where the superweapon is used to wipe out Hosnian Prime — Kaz’s homeworld.


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